How to Use IKEA 3D Models in Live Home 3D

It’s hard to imagine modern house design without Scandinavian-style furniture. And, when referring to this style, IKEA comes to mind as the leading affordable furniture and decor manufacturer.

A kitchen in Scandinavian style designed in Live Home 3D for Mac

Founded in Sweden in the 1940s, IKEA is a world-renowned furniture brand and has evolved into a multinational company. With approximately 450 stores worldwide, many of us can buy beautiful and affordable items there.

IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home decor items and kitchen appliances. Their furniture delivers elegant Scandinavian style worldwide, remaining extremely affordable and practical.

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Add IKEA Models to Your House Projects

Do you know that you can use IKEA 3D models in your house projects created in home design apps? To achieve this, you just need to find the particular model by running a Google search. You will then find multiple online storages like the ones below. Some models are free, while others require payment:

You can also download IKEA 3D Models of furniture and decorations from the Trimble 3D Warehouse™.

Download a 3D model in any of the multiple import formats supported by Live Home 3D (Collada, FBX, OBJ or 3DS) on one of these sites and add it to a project you created in our interior design app, Live Home 3D. You can find detailed instructions on importing models on dedicated support pages: macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Windows.

A screenshot of website with IKEA 3D models

View IKEA Models in AR

AR (augmented reality) technology allows you to view the downloaded IKEA 3D models in your house project or in your current living space. You simply need an iPhone or an iPad with the Live Home 3D app installed. More about using AR.

An IKEA sofa 3D object viewed in AR in Live Home 3D on an iPad

Share Your Designs

At any moment in time, you can share your designs with others and discuss the details.

Multiple sharing options provide enough freedom for you to accomplish the following:

  • Floor plans in PNG, PDF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP formats
  • Snapshots in JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP formats
  • 3D video walkthroughs
  • AR walkthroughs (only on iOS and iPadOS devices)
  • 360° images and videos for sharing on Facebook and YouTube
  • 3D models of interior and exterior projects.

Fill your home with clean and simple Scandinavian-style decor and enjoy the results!

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Revised: February 2024